Morning Musings, an Introduction

This is the first episode of Morning Musings, a series dedicated to freeing the muse through journaling.


I always write better in the sleepy prelude to wakefulness, those precious quiet hours when the noise of life has yet to enter my brain. I make a habit of using that time to write fragments of greater things and to journal: recording my dreams, careful turns of phrase, flights of fancy. If I was a coffee drinker, I’d do all this while waiting for my latte to cool, savoring its delicate aroma.


Sometimes, this daily practice leads to a poem. Sometimes, it sparks an idea. Sometimes, it does nothing at all, but it was nonetheless good practice.


This can work during any time of day; identify when you write best, make it a daily habit, and stick with it. The last is most important. Push yourself to write. Get words on paper or the screen. Write the same word over and over if you have to. Set a clock; first ten, then twenty, then thirty minutes, and don’t stop writing until it rings. It’ll become easier, natural—as long as you practice.


Start a blog like I have. Share your darlings, learn from your mistakes, celebrate your triumphs. Cultivate a readership if you can, but being a voice in the wind is okay, too. Read, and unashamedly steal phrases that delight you. Observe, pretend you are a journalist reporting on life. Listen to the musicality of language and pick apart how it works to form a roaring symphony of sound.


All this, in a journal you keep close to your soul.



Today’s exercise…

Write continuously for ten minutes in the morning, afternoon, and evening to identify when you prefer to write. Resolve to set that time away as your journaling time.


Share what you found easiestin the comments below!

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