Day 2: Perfect Endings

It is day two of my DIY MFA, and I began earlier today given my hurried experience yesterday. Granted, I had a dentist appointment and read a substantial short story. Still, lesson learned.


I continued reading from Paris for One with “Between the Tweets,” a modern love story with an ironic twist. (Aside: I used to know the different forms of irony. Oh, high school English.) I quite enjoyed the story. It was snappy, and the ending was appropriate. I will try to reread it — closely! — because I am bad at endings. Merde.


In “How to Hire Fake Friends and Family,” by Roc Morin (The Atlantic), Morin interviews a Japanese entrepreneur who made a business from acting as a surrogate…anything. It’s an extreme version of families of choice, emotional intimacy for hire. On one level, it reeks of desperation and ruthless monetization. On another, a last hope and second chances. I think it’s an interesting, if somewhat incomprehensible, idea.


My poetry reading and response will come later tonight! And did I mention I’m studying French? Non?

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