A Kinder Kingdom

For Limikkin’s contest at Kingdom of Knuffel. It’s a friendly community with avatars and pets!


“A Kinder Kingdom”
Hello, hello, how do you do?
This Knuffel Kingdom’s been waiting for you.
We’re small and close but our hearts have space,
So come on in; it’s a welcoming place.

Knuffels are kind, friendly, fun.
They love food, to play, and sun.
The Kingdom is filled with warmth and cheer—
Come enter, now, you’ll love it here.

Recreate yourself, escape your life.
A moment’s peace, no stress nor strife.
Play with knuffels, try a game—
Catch a fairy; with luck, not aim.

Hugs and fairies, treasure, too.
All that’s missing is surely you.
Friendship found, memories made—
Dive on in; no need to wait.

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