the luckiest of everywhere

you’ve lived a life of highs and lows.
you’re stronger than you’ll ever know.
i hope one day, you’ll look and see
a world filled by possibility.

when you’re afraid or hurt or scared,
know for you, i’ll be there.
you are my darling precious one.
you shine as brilliant as the sun.

you can relax, you need the rest.
i’m sending love and all the best.
i wish you well and fortune fair—
may you be the luckiest of everywhere.

imaginary thoughts

when i’m dreaming an imaginary thought,
i do exactly whatever i want. 
count the clouds in the sky, surrounded by blue, 
stroll through a tranquil garden, blooming only for you.

your gravity has me dangling upside-down: 
heart in my throat, eyes turned around. 
i don't know your name, but i do adore you; 
in my dreams, you feel the same way, too. 

don't stop. keep on dreaming, 
this is how perfect we could be. 
don't stop. keep on dreaming, 
this is the best picture that you'll see. 
don't stop. look around you,
it's the most wonderful place of all. 
don't stop. don't look down,
imagine how far we would fall. 

feels like my pulse is racing, and you've just entered the room. 
feels like my stomach’s churning with butterflies all too soon. 
my heart belongs to you, now don't turn it into dust. 
i wish you could only see the possibility of us. 

in my imagination, we meet under the stars. 
in my not-so-perfect daydreams, we kiss in darkened bars. 
in my secret journal, i scrawl combinations of our names. 
because i still don't know yours, they're never quite the same. 

don't stop. keep on dreaming, 
let your imagination free. 
don't stop. keep on dreaming, 
this is really all we need. 
don't stop. look around you, 
it's the most wonderful place of all. 
don't stop. don't look down, 
imagine how far we would fall. 

if you exit the ballroom, will i fall out of love with you? 
i watch you ‘til you’re leaving to see if my hypothesis is true.

A Kinder Kingdom

For Limikkin’s contest at Kingdom of Knuffel. It’s a friendly community with avatars and pets!


“A Kinder Kingdom”
Hello, hello, how do you do?
This Knuffel Kingdom’s been waiting for you.
We’re small and close but our hearts have space,
So come on in; it’s a welcoming place.

Knuffels are kind, friendly, fun.
They love food, to play, and sun.
The Kingdom is filled with warmth and cheer—
Come enter, now, you’ll love it here.

Recreate yourself, escape your life.
A moment’s peace, no stress nor strife.
Play with knuffels, try a game—
Catch a fairy; with luck, not aim.

Hugs and fairies, treasure, too.
All that’s missing is surely you.
Friendship found, memories made—
Dive on in; no need to wait.

the actuary

for a living, i predict death.
not with crystal balls nor palmistry
nor stars and astrology,
but with tables and numbers
and a dash of information—
distributions and statistics
and mathematical inspiration.

sometimes i feel like a reaper,
though i don’t steal life;
i can only forecast
the eventual strife. 

By Any Other Name

I never understood the appeal of royalty names—Victoria, Elizabeth, Eleanor—but when I met her, her rich chocolate hair cascading over creamy skin, it made some kind of sense. Ironically, she hated her full name (“Call me Betty,” she said, extending a neatly manicured hand when we’d met.), much like she despised any hints of pretentious grandeur.

She fascinated me. Her eyes were like bright topaz jewels changing hues in the light, and her laughter was bright and cheery. I could close my eyes and picture her in a painting, which I often did.

Especially after she was gone.

Something Shining

They said the moon fell in love with the sun. That was not the beginning. This was: “Have you ever felt love?” the moon asked, one night when it was full to bursting. “The kind that’s blinding, effervescent, and free?”

“I think so,” the sun said wistfully. “Once, with a distant star. Or maybe a reflection. Something shining.” The moon was quiet.

Years passed, in their cyclic waltz, yet nothing seemed to change. The moon would fill from dark to whole, then wane away.

Something shining. If only.

With a start, the moon realized it had fallen for the sun.

Free Fall

We stood at the edge of a canyon, wind in our hair, cloudless sky above, whispers echoing below. Somewhere, a rock clattered free. Dust swirled.

We were eclipsed by the majesty of nature; the moment felt confessional, as if all our words had greater meaning because we were droplets in a river.

“I never told you,” I said, “that I’m afraid of heights? This feels unwise.”

“I won’t let you fall,” he promised, sure and steady like an anchor at sea.

I looked into his eyes, tucked a strand of hair behind my ear, and thought, I’m already free falling.